Kompo Monthly Fundraiser

Every month Kompo chooses a local cause to spotlight and raise money for. Donations can be made in person at our dispensary location. Keep a look out for the "donation jars" at the counter.


Breann Warren

In November of 2019 out of no where he started getting sick. Symptoms started every morning he would be very nauseous and or vomit. That progressed to multiple times a day then progressed to the severity were at today to the point he can’t eat or drink anything without it coming back up within 20 minutes!  When Bren went to the Dr when this all started he weighed 151 lbs his current weight as of 7.18.20 Bren weighs 94.6 lbs and is still consistently losing weight. He has constant pain in his stomach area, below the naval! Sometimes it feels as if someone is stabbing him inside and sometimes he says it feels as if someone is squeezing his intestines.  Between his PCP and the GI they can’t seem to find out what’s causing the issue. They have done blood work consistently, food allergies, chrohns disease, celiac disease, scope/camera down his throat (endoscopy) biopsies, ct scans with and with out dye, xrays and last but not least the gastric emptying study. All come back normal! Since the drastic weight loss Bren also now has vertigo and a mucus drainage problem! He also is a fall risk and because of the malnutrition he of course is now having hair falling out, no nail growth and constant bones hurting him, all over discomfort!
They have tried Bren on all different types of medicine such as amitripyline, protonix, reglan, zofran and the nausea patch. The money that is donated will be used for travel expenses, tests that insurance won’t cover and also offset money lost due to Brendons mom taking off work since she is a single mom.

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