Kompo Monthly Fundraiser

Every month Kompo chooses a local cause to spotlight and raise money for. Donations can be made in person at our dispensary location. Keep a look out for the "donation jars" at the counter.



Xander was diagnosed with three forms of epilepsy at 3 months old, having hundreds of seizures a day. In and out of the hospital, on different medications that were not helping him at all, in fact they made him worse. At four months old, he was diagnosed with Alan Herndon Dudley syndrome, which is an MCT8 deficiency that effects his thyroid. He is also missing a big chunk of his X-chromosome. All of this causes a developmental delay and even though he faces many challenges in life, he has surprised his doctors with the progress and success he has had. Xander is now almost 3 years old and he went from having seizures every day to now making it over 100 days with no tonic seizures! The doctors say his chances of walking or talking are not likely, but he has shown great signs since being seizure free and we will keep fighting this battle with him to overcome these obstacles! Insurance does not cover Xanders CBD, THC, or other special therapies. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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